Cook, Kenison, Bedard, and Sullivan

Appellate Law

Attorney Sullivan will prepare an appeal or defend one that has been filed. He provides assistance and counsel to other Lawyers with pending appeals. Many of the following Supreme Court cases have shaped modern New Hampshire Law.

Supreme Court Cases

  • Appeal of Portsmouth Board of Fire Commissioners (New Hampshire Public Employee Labor Relation Board) 137 NH 552 (1993).
    • Firefighters Union defends Labor Board's ruling against Commission for committing an unfair labor practice.
  • Appeal of East Derry Fire Precinct 137 NH 607 (1993)
    • Court defines criteria for having Supervisors in Union bargaining units.
  • Appeal of AFSCME Local 3657 Decided October 19, 1995
    • Court determines whether Local Police or Sheriff will patrol Manchester Airport.
  • Appeal of Portsmouth Fire Commissioners 140 NH 435 (1995).
    • Court Defines criteria for anti-union speech.
  • Appeal of Edward Boulay 142 NH 626 (1998)
    • Court significantly expands Due Process rights for State employees.
  • In the Matter of Cassady and Cassady Argued 1/13/1999
    • Court rules on property division issues in divorce case.
  • Blagbrough v. Town of Wilton 145 NH 118 (2000)
    • Court rules on Municipal liability for maintenance of historic bridge.
  • Appeal of Ray Moore Argued 6/20/2000
    • Court addresses recurring work injury claim on appeal from Department of Labor
  • State v. Mark Brien, Argued 10/16/2002
    • Court addresses challenge to justification for vehicle stop in DWI case.
  • In the matter of Lemieux and Lemieux 157 N.H. 370 (2008)
    • Court rules on reformation of Divorce Decree based upon mutual mistake of law. A Landmark ruling regarding pension divisions in Divorce cases.
  • Appeal of AFSCME Council 93, Local 1386 Portsmouth City Employees, Appeal Filed December 30, 2009
    • Court asked to determine unfair labor practice charge criteria.
  • In the matter of Richard Lemieux and Joanne Lemieux, Appeal filed January 14, 2010.
    • Court considers ex-spouse’s entitlement to worker’s pension benefits accrued post divorce.
  • Patrick Gorham AFSCME Council 93, Local 1824-04 V. Androscoggin County, Appeal Filed Maine Supreme Judicial Court June 29, 2010.
    • Court considers union member’s right to written notice of adverse employment decision prior to filing an appeal.