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Family Law

Going through a divorce or dissolution of your civil union is a traumatic experience and a process that will have a dramatic impact on current financial circumstances. Homes, pensions, savings accounts, child parenting responsibilities, and child support are all issues on the block. Do not have these vital decisions made without knowing all of your legal rights and options. For more than eighteen years, the Law Offices of Shawn J. Sullivan has assisted those when they need help the most: when a family unit is breaking apart. We know there is much more involved that splitting assets, let us help. If your divorce requires a pension split, we can prepare the proper documents. These include:

* QDROS for State and Private plans
* COAPs for Federal plans
* Forms for Military plans

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  • * Divorce
  • * Dissolution of Civil Union
  • * Child Custody or Parenting Plans
  • * Adoptions
  • * Legal Separation
  • * Cohabitation Arrangements
  • * Pension Division
  • * Business Asset Litigation