Cook, Kenison, Bedard, and Sullivan


Guidelines for Union Members and Local Comp Coordinators
  • a. Report injury prior to end of shift (contact Attorney Sullivan at 603-225-3362 or 603-553-5540 for proper wording if possible)
  • b. Seek immediate treatment and inform the medical provider billing department of Comp Carrier information.
  • c. Obtain Workers' Comp medical forms from doctor for submission to Employer.
  • d. Inform any Workers' Comp Investigator, Case Manager, or Claims Nurse to contact Shawn J. Sullivan for scheduling any interview.
Forward copies of the following to Attorney Shawn J. Sullivan at The Concord Center, 10 Ferry Street, Box 12, Suite 317, Concord, NH 03301, Fax - 603-225-3362 or e-mail at sjs@sjsullivanlaw.com prior to any interview with a Comp adjuster:
  • a. Employee’s Notice of Accidental Injury.
  • b. Employer’s Notice of Accidental Injury.
  • c. All Workers’ Compensation medical forms.
  • b. Any denials of Comp benefits
  • e. Injured worker’s contact information.
Expect To Actively Participate In Your Initial Interview And Claim Processing
  • 1. Attend all medical appointments.
  • 2. Ensure that your physicians complete Comp forms for each visit.
  • 3. Follow doctor’s orders.
  • 4. Communicate with Comp through Union representative or Attorney.
  • 5. Utilize health insurance when Comp denies treatment. Never cancel appointments pending Comp commitment to pay.