Cook, Kenison, Bedard, and Sullivan

Labor and Employment Law

Attorney Sullivan has extensive experience in employment litigation and is among the most respected and successful advocates in employment litigation in New Hampshire. He has litigated employment matters before the State Superior Courts, the First Circuit Court of Appeals, and the New Hampshire Supreme Court. In addition, he handles cases at:

* New Hampshire Department of Labor (Workers’ Compensation and claims related to unpaid wages, vacation pay and commissions)
* New Hampshire Department of Employment Security (claims for unemployment)
* New Hampshire Human Rights Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (employment discrimination, retaliation and sexual harassment cases).
* New Hampshire Public Employee Relations and National Labor Relations Board (Unfair Labor Practice charges, unit certification and decertification, bargaining unit definition and modification.
* NH Public Utilities Commission (proceedings affecting Union employees) American Arbitration Association (for collective bargaining disputes)

Attorney Sullivan also provides advice and representation of employees in negotiating employment contracts, non-competition agreements and separation/severance agreements. He represents and counsels employers and union officials regarding collective bargaining agreements, leaves of absence, discipline and discharge, non-competition agreements, personnel policies and handbooks, Unfair Labor practice charges and other matters that involve employment litigation. Upon request, Attorney Sullivan will investigate complaints of unlawful harassment, discrimination and other workplace misconduct.